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About Newmatic Appliances

NEWMATIC is Singapore’s own brand of built-in kitchen appliances. Launched in 2010 with the aim to create products that are novel and environmentally responsible, NEWMATIC is now available in more than 17 countries around the world. Starting from scratch, we take a fresh new look at new technologies, techniques, production methods, materials and especially eliminating outdated, redundant features that the consumer do not use nowadays in order to deliver the green promise without compromise.

When a consumer switches on a NEWMATIC appliance, he or she feels assured that some of the precious resources are being set aside for future generations who will, in turn, develop even more energy efficient technologies. NEWMATIC products typically appeal to the young and trendy; classically the group that is also environmentally conscious.

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Our African market has taken shape as well, and a robust and rapidly developing niche is currently the story for our Kenyan business. Newmatic has become synonymous with trendy and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that are not only modern but have dramatically influenced how the Kenyan households make their choices on such important kitchen components. In Kenya, Bespoke Kitchens and Bathrooms is one of the certified distributors of Newmatic appliances.

The Kenyan household aspires ultra-modern appliances for the kitchen space. And NEWMATIC has responded with a breathtaking range of stylish, durable and functional range of Built-in ovens, Gas Hobs and Range Hoods. With this complete outlook, any Kenyan kitchen is a delightful place to be, an epitome of not only style and beauty exemplified by our appliances, but a cosy environment fit for more than cooking and dining. As they say in Kenya, the Kitchen is the heart of a home. NEWMATIC has made it its mission to ensure every Kenyan home has a kitchen environment that is inviting, appealing, ultra-modern and livable. And we keep this as our promise, that our appliances will never fail you. As far as we are concerned, we are your kitchen partners for life. We are here to stay and to make your kitchen a place to belong.

NEWMATIC Kitchen Appliances offer built-in ovens with class A energy rating for all models. Simply the best ! That is Newmatic Domestic Appliances.

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